University Grant

The PCSWMM Europe University Grant Program is an easy way for full time academics (professors, researchers, teaching assistants, graduate and undergraduate students) to obtain PCSWMM Europe know-how, the latest PCSWMM Europe software, SWMM & PCSWMM training, relevant publications and subsidized CHI conference attendance.



Available worldwide, the PCSWMM University Grant Program has four primary goals:

  • To offer financial assistance to full-time academic University personnel interested in using HydroPraxis /CHI services (such as know-how, training and conference attendance) and PCSWMM products (such as software, publications and technical manuals).
  • To share curriculum, videos, web-based training and other learning resources.
  • To provide advanced technical publications for reference in university libraries.
  • To make it easier and less expensive for academics in Universities to use the latest PCSWMM Europe software in laboratories, classrooms, and on student PCs.


To apply you must be a full-time university undergraduate or graduate student, full time university faculty or researcher. On the application form, you should provide evidence of full-time status (such as student number) or other proof of university affiliation, and the name and email address for the director, chair or dean of your academic program. Once approved for the grant, the director or dean should sign and return the Notice of Award to HydroPraxis. You are expected to evaluate the experience.

Application Form:

Please complete the application form (see attached), by describing your need and giving some details in your interest. Submit the completed form to HydroPraxis and upon approval you will receive a Notice of Award. The director or dean should sign the Notice of Award.


University Grant Application Process

Thank you for your interest in the PCSWMM University Grant program. There are three steps in completing the grant application:

  1. Provide the contact information for the grantee. If you do not have a student number, you will be asked to provide proof of affiliation to the university.
  2. Provide contact information for the Chair, Dean or Director of your department. After the application has been approved, this contact will need to sign the Notice of Award.
  3. Explain your need, purpose and the details of your grant request.


Once we receive your application, HydroPraxis will then judge the merit of your request, interpret the support you need and decide on the grant value.

We will then send you a Notice of Award, and the Chair, Dean or Director referenced in the application will need to sign and return the document to HydroPraxis at

You will then receive the license by email and be able to use and enjoy it!



PCSWMM EU Grant application